Below are examples of clinics I offer.  If you would like more information about any of these clinics or would like to book me to present, please visit my contact page!

Conduct Expressively!  Creating More Musical Performances Through Application of the Laban Method

It is fact that expressive conducting leads to more musical performances.  Using elements of the Laban Method, conductors of any level of ensemble can easily integrate more expressive conducting into their technique without sacrificing ensemble precision.  This clinic will introduce eight basic Laban Method gestures and provide ways to use them in everyday conducting.  Consistent use of these expressive gestures will lead to more meaningful and musical performances, regardless of ensemble type or ability level.

Time Crunch:  Score Study for the Middle School and High School Band Director

Middle School and High School Band Directors are too busy to consistently study scores for hours before every rehearsal.  This session will present strategies on how to break down scores and organize rehearsals, and in doing so, improve the chances of students being prepared for each rehearsal.  The methods discussed will help maximize score study time for directors, rehearsal time for students, and will lead to more prepared and musical performances.

How to Play (and Win) the Transition Game

So you’ve taken a new job, be it your first or 15th.  Chances are you already know what to do in the classroom.  But in order to be successful, winning the transition game is essential. This clinic discusses how to win over new students, parents, colleagues, and administrators in order to efficiently attain success. Whether you’re a mid-year hire, a sabbatical replacement, or taking over for a lifetime teacher, using these tips will ensure as short (and stress-free) a transition as possible.